Average Folding Camper Dimensions

There are loads of reasons why knowing the average dimensions of a folding camper is important. When purchasing my first folding camper, I wanted to know the average dimensions to find out whether one would fit in my garage. You also need to know the length and width of your folding camper when booking to stay at most campsites. Unfortunately, I found the information I needed hard to come by, which is why I decided to create this post.

What are the average folding camper dimensions? Most folding campers fall into the below when stored/not set up:

  • Height: 120cm – 140cm
  • Length: 300cm – 500cm
  • Width: 150cm – 220cm

When erected, most folding campers fall into the following:

  • Height: 190cm – 220cm
  • Length: 400cm – 600cm
  • Width: 200cm – 450cm

I’ve gathered the height, length and width of every popular folding camper when it’s stored and when it’s erected. Keep reading to find out the key information you need to know.

Pennine Folding Camper Dimensions

Firstly, we’ll take a look at the dimensions of some of the most popular folding campers available. In this table, we’ve compiled the length, width and height of several Pennine folding campers when they are stored/not set up and when they are erected.

Image showing the height, length and width of several popular folding campers.

So as you can see with the information above, all of these Pennine folding campers fall into the data ranges I gave at the top of this blog post. The smallest folding camper on in the comparison above is the Pennine Fiesta. When packed away, the Pennine Fiesta is 130cm high, 400cm long and 184cm wide. On the other hand, the Pathfinder (Pennine’s largest folding camper) is 139cm high, 478cm long and 212cm wide.

You may have noticed that the Pennine Fiesta appears to be the odd one out when comparing the width of different units once they are erected. While every other model listed above reduces in width once you’ve put it up, the Pennine Fiesta becomes substantially wider. This isn’t a typo. The reason a Pennine Fiesta is much wider erected is that the beds pull out from the side of the camper, rather than on either end. So while the other units become longer as you pull out the beds on both ends, the Fiesta becomes much wider.

An image showing how the beds on a Pennine Fiesta fold out from the sides rather than the front and rear of the unit. © Pennine Outdoor Leisure Ltd

Typically, a single car garage door is approximately 213cm wide. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to garage doors, so your garage door could be wider or narrower. It’s important to consider this information,as it could be a tight squeeze if you’re wanting to store a Pathfinder or Pullman in your garage! There are ways you can get around this issue, fortunately, which I’ll explain in more detail later in this post.

Please note that the specifications we’ve provided above might not be entirely accurate for your particular model. For example, the Pennine Pullman specifications might not apply to every single Pennine Pullman out there. This is because several of the folding campers I’ve mentioned above have undergone several ‘transformations’ over the years, which has resulted in slight varying of specifications. While the differences in the specifications are fairly insignificant (in the Pullman’s case, a Mark 1 is 5cm shorter than a Mark 2) it’s important to review your model’s manual/handbook if you want the exact specifications.

Conway Folding Camper Dimensions

In this table, we’re taking a look at the dimensions of some popular Conway folding campers. Pennine have manufactured Conway folding campers since 2002, the year that they took over the business. Several of the Conway folding campers mentioned here are no longer manufactured, as the brand doesn’t really exist anymore with Pennine absorbing the models into their line. However, you can still pick up these folding campers second hand, and there’s a popular Conway Owners Club for anyone wanting to be a part of the Conway community.

Image showing the height, length and width of several popular Conway folding campers.

Again, all of these folding campers fall into the data ranges I gave at the beginning of this post. The smallest folding camper in the Conway range is the Conway Challenger. When packed away, the Challenger is just 332cm long, 155cm wide, and 112cm tall. This makes it one one of the smallest folding campers available across all the manufacturers. The largest folding camper in the Conway range is the Conway Crusader. The Conway Crusader is 478cm long, 212cm wide, and 139cm tall. And that’s when it’s packed away!

The Challenger and the Countryman operate similarly to the Pennine Fiesta. The beds pull out from the sides of the unit, rather than the front and the rear. Because of its size and the fact it’s an entry-level unit, the Challenger was often seen as competition to the Pennine Fiesta. This is perhaps why Pennine decided to stop producing Challenger units since they were so similar to the Fiesta units. The Countryman is one of the very few Conway units still manufactured by Pennine.

The outside of a 2020 Countryman which, as you can see, is very similar to the Pennine Fiesta. ©  Pennine Outdoor Leisure Ltd

Considering the width alone, the vast majority of Conway folding campers should easily fit on a drive or in a garage. Taking a look at the length, the larger models such as the Cruiser and the Crusader may be difficult to store at home. Of course, this all depends on the length of your drive and the amount of storage space that you have available.

Remember, it’s really important that you know the length and width of your folding camper when booking with a campsite. Some campsites will ask for the exact length and width of your unit. Make sure to take a screenshot of the table above if you have a Conway camper so you always know the information you need for your unit.

Trigano Folding Camper Dimensions

In this table, we’re going to take a look at the dimensions of the popular Trigano folding campers. While all of the models I’ve given specifications for are now no longer produced by Trigano, these models are very popular with potential folding camper owners looking at the second-hand market. What you’ll have to pay for a second-hand Trigano will definitely depend on the age and condition of the unit. For one of the later models, for example a second-hand 2010 Randger 575LX, expect to pay around £4,000 – £6,000.

Image showing the height, length and width of several popular Trigano folding campers.

The Trigano range of folding campers also fits into the data ranges that I gave at the beginning of this blog post. In the Trigano range, the Randger 415DL is the smallest. When packed away, the Randger 415DL is just 370cm long, 158cm wide, and 137cm tall. A 4-berth folding camper, the Randger 415DL is similar in size to the Pennine Fiesta and the Conway Countryman. The largest folding campers in the Trigano range are the Randger 575LX and Randger 575TC. These folding campers are virtually identical. The primary difference between the two is that the Randger 575TC has an integral toilet compartment, while Randger 575LX units don’t. The Randger 575LX and 575TC are 460cm long, 210cm wide, and 130cm tall when packed away. The two campers are a little smaller than the Pennine and Conway flagship models but still spacious inside.

The smallest model in the Trigano lineup, the Randger 415DL, operates similarly to a Pennine Fiesta, Conway Challenger, and Conway Countryman. That’s because the beds on this unit are also on the sides of the camper rather than at either end. If you look at the inside of a Randger 415DL, you’ll also notice that it looks very similar to a Fiesta, Challenger, and Countryman. There really isn’t too much difference between these 3 folding campers. The differences are so few that you might initially think the same company creates them if you don’t know better!

Image showing what a Trigano Randger 415DL looks like on the inside. Credit: https://www.camperlands.co.uk/

Trigano folding campers tend to be ever so slightly smaller than the equivalent folding campers their competitors create. All the Trigano models should fit comfortably in a standard-sized garage. Depending on the size of your drive, you might find you can store the camper on your drive instead.

While I’ve endeavored to make this blog post the most accurate it can be, remember that an older folding camper might differ in size slightly from a newer version of the same camper. Several of the folding campers discussed in this blog post have gone through numerous revisions over time. In some cases, that means the dimensions may differ slightly to those listed here.

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