Best Caravan Motor Mover (Updated for 2022)

Let’s face it: the vast majority of caravan owners will need a caravan motor mover. The average caravan weighs around 1300kg, so a motor mover is certainly essential for all caravan owners. With that in mind, today, I’m going to look at the most popular motor movers and determine which are the best.

Here are the best caravan motor movers, updated for 2022:

ModelPermissible WeightWhy I’ve RecommendedBest Place to Buy
Emove EM2031,800KGDesigned to be of high quality at a competitive price. It can be manoeuvred via the E-move App on your smartphone.£639.00 @
Emove EM3031,800KGExcellent value for money – has equivalent capabilities to the more high-end motor movers.£701.00 @

Before delving into a more detailed look at these motor movers, I’ll explain what variables I considered when choosing which motor movers to recommend.

What Makes A Good Motor Mover?

Motor mover on a caravan. Image from:

Obviously, you can’t just pick out a motor mover and hope for the best. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a motor mover for your caravan.

Here’s everything I considered when deciding which motor movers I’d go on to recommend in this blog post.

Permissible Overall Weight

The most important consideration when choosing which motor movers to recommend is their permissible overall weight. What I mean by this is the weight that the motor mover is capable of manoeuvring.

Some motor movers are capable of moving caravans weighing 1,500kg on a 25% gradient. On the other hand, some motor movers are capable of manoeuvring a 2,000kg caravan.

This was obviously an important consideration when recommending motor movers because it’s important to recommend motor movers that will work for everyone. It’s pointless recommending a ton of motor movers that only move the lightest of caravans! That’s why I recommend several motor movers that are capable of moving caravans weighing 1,500 – 2,000kg.

Motor Mover Weight

We also need to think about the weight of the motor mover itself. We all know how important weight limits and so on are when it comes to caravans. And it goes without saying that motor movers are very heavy objects!

Caravans have a limited user payload, and your motor mover detracts from that. That’s why the motor mover that you choose can seriously affect how much you can store in your caravan.

To give an example of how big an effect your motor mover’s weight can have, let’s have a look at the Bailey Discovery D4-2 as an example. This Bailey caravan has a user payload of 111kg. The Powrtouch Freedom, a very popular motor mover, weighs 32kg. That’s a massive impact on your payload! And that’s why we must consider the weight of motor movers before purchasing them and fitting them to our caravans.

The Bailey Discovery D4-2 exterior. Discovery D4-2 has a user payload of 111kg, so a motor mover can seriously affect how much you can store in your caravan. Image:

You must be confident that adding a motor mover to your caravan won’t cause you to exceed your user payload. If you exceed your caravan’s maximum payload and you end up in an accident, your insurance policy could be void. That’s bad enough without mentioning that you’d be committing a crime!

Best Caravan Motor Movers (Updated For 2022)

Now we’ve covered the important variables to consider when purchasing a motor mover; I’ll explain why these motor movers are the best that you can purchase in 2020.

Emove EM203. Permissible weight: 1800kg

The Emove E203. This motor mover is very convenient as it can be easily controlled through the E-move app, making it perfect for modern caravanners. Image:

The Emove E230 is one of the best motor movers that are also affordable, in my opinion. It really makes manoeuvring your caravan a pain-free experience, thanks to the E-move app. Anyway, let’s have a look at the advantages of all this particular motor mover.

  • Lightweight: Compared to other motor movers, the Emove E230 is rather lightweight. Weighing in at 37kg, the Emove E203 is capable of moving a caravan that weighs a whopping 1,800kg. This is very impressive considering some of the higher-end motor movers on the market that weigh the same can only manage to move caravans up to 1500kg.
  • Suitable for single and twin axles: This is a very versatile motor mover that is perfect for use on both single and twin axles. It can move a single axle caravan that’s weight 1800kg, or a caravan weighting 1600kg if ti is located on a 18% slope. This is also applies for any twin axel caravans, however it is important to keep in mind that in order to move a tein axle caravan, two mitir movers will be required. What makes this motor mover impressive is that it cam move both single and twin axle caravan at the speedy rate of 9cm per second!
  • Can be controlled with the E-move app: This is the perfect motor mover for modern day caravanners who want to make the process of using a motor mover easier and simpler. By installing the E-move app on your smart phone, you can easily control and manoeuvre your caravan vis the app instead of having to use a remote control. What’s more is that this handy app can be used with all new E-Move manouvering systems, and isn’t just limited to the E230 motor mover model.

The Emove E230 is one of my favourite motor movers for two main reasons. Firstly because it is so lightweight yet has the capability to move a caravan that is heavy. It’s ability to do this even surpasses the abilities of some of the more high end motor movers on the market. The second reason why I recommend this motor mover is because how easy it is to use once you have installed the E-Move app.

The Emove EM303 is available on Go Outdoors. You can learn more about this particular motor mover and purchase it here.

Emove EM303. Permissible weight: 1800kg

The Emove EM303 motor mover. This is a fully-automatic motor mover available for an excellent price. Image:

The Emove EM303 motor mover is an inexpensive, fully-automatic motor mover designed with single-axle caravans in mind. Most automatic motor movers can set you back a fortune, but this is one of the most affordable motor movers available.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this model and try to determine why it’s one of the best options out there.

  • Fully automatic: The EM303 is fully-automatic, which is a really big advantage. You can engage and disengage the motor mover without an ounce of effort, which cannot be said about the manual engagement motor movers. Fully-automatic motor movers are simply so much easier to use, especially for people new to caravanning.
  • Affordable: The Emove EM303 fully-automatic motor mover will cost you around £600 – £700, depending on where you look. This is rather cheap for motor movers in general, never mind a fully-automatic motor mover.
  • No-quibble warranty: This is another motor mover that comes with a quibble-free warranty. The EM303’s warranty lasts for 5 years, so you know that you’re purchasing a reliable piece of technology. The warranty is certainly a key advantage to keep in mind when you’re deciding whether or not this is the right motor mover for you.

This is an excellent, affordable option. I know that sometimes, an unexpectedly low price can put you off a purchase. But don’t get put off the Emove EM303. This is proven to be a top-quality motor mover, a piece of tech that you’ll be able to rely on for years to come.

The Emove EM303 is available on Machine Mart. You can learn more about this particular motor mover and purchase it here.

Chosen A Motor Mover?

Hopefully, this blog post helps you to choose a top-quality, reliable motor mover. There are plenty of motor movers out there, but not all of them offer impressive performance and helpful features such as soft start.

The three motor movers that I’ve mentioned in this blog post are all really good options for caravan owners looking to invest in a new piece of technology. Let me know in the comments below if you decide upon one of the motor movers that I’ve recommended here!

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