Conway Folding Camper Weights

You should know the weight of your folding camper for numerous reasons; primarily to make sure you can legally tow your unit with your car. Unfortunately, it is really difficult to find Conway folding camper weights online. To save you digging through all the old guides, I’ve created this blog post which contains the ex works and max weights of all the popular Conway models.

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Here’s the weight of every popular Conway folding camper.

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Conway Challenger Folding Camper Weight

A 1993 Conway Challenger. Image

The Challenger is an entry-level 4-berth folding camper that was manufactured by Conway. The Challenger has an ex works weight of 400kg and a maximum weight of 600kg.

The Challenger is the smallest and the lightest of the Conway range of folding campers. If you are moving over from traditional camping or you are an inexperienced tower, a model such as the Challenger is perfect. It’s so light that you can tow it with pretty much any car! If you’re looking for your first folding camper, this model is ideal.

Conway Challenger Folding Camper Overview

The Conway Challenger is a basic entry level folding camper. It is essentially the Pennine Aztec of the Conway lineup. This folding camper has the basic facilities and not much more: some storage space, a basic kitchen, and two beds. This is perhaps all a person could want if moving over from traditional camping to a folding camper.

As one of the smaller and lighter folding campers available, it’s a suitable folding camper for anyone of any age or ability. The folding camper can be manoeuvred easily, and you won’t have a hard time putting it up. It still feels like luxury compared to a standard tent and for a great price too, as these are often available for less than £1,000 second-hand.

Conway Countryman Folding Camper Weights

A Conway Countryman 2 folding camper. Image

The Conway Countryman is a high spec 4-berth folding camper. The Countryman’s ex works weight is 580kg. Its maximum weight is 750kg. The Countryman is still relatively light despite having more features than it’s slightly lighter stablemate, the Challenger.

If you’re looking for your first folding camper, the Countryman is a really good option. During its production run, it was often marketed as a competitor to the Pennine Fiesta. It’s easy to see where the comparisons come from, as the two models are very similar. Going back to the benefits of this model’s weight, it’s so light that you can barely tell you’re towing it. This makes it the perfect option for people that aren’t experienced towers.

Conway Countryman Folding Camper Overview

The Conway Countryman is a high spec 4-berth folding camper. Despite being lightweight, it contains everything anybody could need, other than a toilet cubicle. The Countryman has a full kitchen (with 2 hobs, a sink, and a three way fridge), two permanently made up beds, two permanent settees, and more storage space than the Challenger.

As with the Fiesta, and most 4-berth folding campers, the Countryman can be somewhat uncomfortable for 4 people. If you use the awning, this does mitigate the issue slightly. However, this folding camper is best suited to 2 people rather than 4. The convenience of the Countryman does outweigh the negative aspect of there not being much room, however.

Conway Cruiser Folding Camper Weight

A 2005 Conway Cruiser folding camper. Image

The Conway Cruiser is an entry level 6-berth folding camper. The ex works weight of this model is 675kg. The maximum weight of it is 900kg. The Cruiser has all the basic necessities that you need in a folding camper, which explains why it’s relatively lightweight as far as 6-berth folding campers are concerned.

If you are investing in your first folding camper, the Cruiser is an ideal option. Particularly if you are moving over from traditional camping, the Cruiser is a really good option and a big upgrade over any tent.

Conway Cruiser Folding Camper Overview

The Cruiser is a basic 6-berth folding camper, comparable to the Pennine model Sterling. The Cruiser was manufactured for around 30 years until 2013, which meant it underwent some changes during its production run. For example, later models were some of the first to have a wardrobe and heating.

All Conway Cruisers contain two permanently made up beds: one king size bed and one standard size double bed. An additional bed can be made out of the settees. As with several other 6-berth folding campers, this can be a little annoying. People using the double bed have to climb over the people using the bed made out of the settees. As you can imagine, this can be rather frustrating in the middle of the night! However, the Cruiser has many advantages that makes this nothing but a small annoyance.

Conway Crusader Folding Camper Weights

A 2005 Conway Crusader folding camper. Image

The Conway Crusader is a mid-range 6-berth folding camper. This model has an ex works weight of 820kg and a maximum weight of 1,000kg. The Crusader has more facilities than the Cruiser, comparable to the short-lived Pennine Sovereign. That’s why its weight is much greater.

The Conway Crusader was essentially an upgraded version of the Cruiser. While the Cruiser had the bare necessities that you need in a 6-berth folding camper, the Crusader contained extras such as a toilet compartment and full oven. If you’re looking for a folding camper that really has everything you need for a stay away from home, the Crusader is a great option. Other than a shower, you’ll have everything that you need in this model.

Conway Crusader Folding Camper Overview

The Conway Crusader is a mid-range 6-berth folding camper. The Crusader takes some of the premium features of the Cardinal, squeezing them into a smaller body. Hence this model acts as a bridge for people wanting the luxuries of a flagship folding camper at a lower price point.

The Crusader was very similar to the Cruiser in terms of external appearance and dimensions; it just had some slight upgrades. In the vast majority of Crusaders, you’ll find a toilet compartment, more storage, a fridge and a full oven. These luxuries make all the difference if you go on holiday for weeks at a time. Crusaders are often available for as little as £1,500 – £3,000, so you can pick one up at a great price if you’re patient.

Conway Cardinal Folding Camper Weight

A Conway Cardinal folding camper. Image

The Conway Cardinal is a high spec 6-berth folding camper. The Cardinal has an ex works weight of 840kg and a maximum weight of 1,050kg. This makes it the heaviest folding camper in the Conway range and one of the heaviest folding campers full stop.

The unique Cardinal is comparable to the Pennine flagship model, Pathfinder. It offers all the same benefits and features, with the main difference being the Cardinal’s hard top. The hard top of the Cardinal is a distinctive feature, as very few folding campers have a hard top.

Conway Cardinal Folding Camper Overview

The Cardinal is a spacious 6-berth folding camper. Although the later models are similar in design to the aforementioned Crusader, Cardinals tend to have more space. The Cardinal is perhaps the best folding camper ever created by Conway. In fact, in the Conway brochures, the Cardinal is described as ‘the ultimate in folding campers’. It’s easy to see why, as the Cardinal contains plenty of seating, a toilet compartment, a large kitchen (with a full oven), two large slide-out double beds, plenty of storage, and a three way fridge.

Following the demise of the original Conway company, production on the Cardinal stopped. Unfortunately, this means production of the Cardinal stopped in around 2003. On the other hand, this means you can pick up one of these fantastic units for as little as a few thousand pounds.

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