Pennine Folding Camper Weights

It’s really important to know the weight of your folding camper for numerous reasons. However, the information that you need is often hard to come by. That’s why I’ve written this blog post, to pull all the Pennine folding camper weights into one place.

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You must know the weight of your folding camper for numerous reasons. The primary reason to find out the weight of your folding camper is to make sure you can tow it on your license. Depending on when you gained your driving license, some folding campers might be too heavy to tow legally.

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Here’s the weight of every popular Pennine folding camper.

Pennine Apollo Folding Camper Weight

A Pennine Apollo folding camper. Image

The Pennine Apollo is a relatively basic 4-berth folding camper. The ex works weight of an Apollo is 490kg, whereas the max weight is 700kg. The Apollo is one of the lightest folding campers available. As a result, it can be towed by a relatively small car. An Apollo can be towed by a car with a 1.2 litre engine, so it’s the perfect entry folding camper.

Because the Apollo is such a light folding camper, it is ideal for people who are new to towing a trailer. If you’re new to towing or you simply don’t enjoy towing, the Apollo is the ideal choice of folding camper since it is so light.

Pennine Apollo Overview

The Pennine Apollo is a basic folding camper, ideal for people just getting into the world of folding campers. This model is 4-berth and is one of the more popular smaller models in the Pennine range. Pennine no longer produces Apollo folding campers; production of this model ended in 2003. However, Apollos are still widely available due to the model’s popularity during its production run.

The Apollo is usually left with one double bed permanently made up and a large settee area. While the Apollo can technically sleep 4 people, it is perhaps the best option for a couple looking at their first folding camper. Alongside two double beds, this Pennine model also has basic kitchen facilities and some storage space. Beyond that, you won’t find much else in this folding camper. Fortunately, it has all you’ll need and want if this is your first folding camper.

Pennine Fiesta Folding Camper Weight

A Pennine Fiesta folded away. Image

The Pennine Fiesta is a 4-berth folding camper. The ex works of a Fiesta is 580kg, while the max weight is 750kg. The Fiesta is one of the lightest folding campers in the Pennine range, but it is considerably heavier than the aforementioned Apollo. Still, if you want greater features and more room than you get with an Apollo, a Fiesta is the ideal option.

Again, if you are new to towing the Fiesta is a good model to go for. It has more features than the Apollo but it isn’t too heavy compared to some of the larger Pennine folding campers available.

Pennine Fiesta Folding Camper Overview

The Fiesta is a 4-berth folding camper produced by Pennine. The Fiesta has been produced by Pennine since 1990, making it one of the longest running models in the Pennine lineup. When compared with the Apollo, the Fiesta is perhaps best referred to as a top of the range 4-berth unit. The Fiesta offers everything that you will find in a Apollo with so much more.

As with the Apollo, there is one bed constantly made up. However, the Fiesta differs slightly from its smaller stablemate as both double beds can be left permanently made up and there is still a settee. This model also has a much larger kitchen area in the older models. In the newer Fiestas, the kitchen space is reduced as some of the space is taken up by a toilet cubicle. While some see the addition of a toilet as a big bonus, it’s an annoyance to some as the kitchen space is effectively halved when compared with the space available in the older models.

Pennine Sterling Folding Camper Weight

A 2005 Pennine Sterling folding camper. Image

The Pennine Sterling is a 6-berth folding camper model. The ex works weight of the Sterling is 640kg, whereas the maximum weight is 900kg. The Sterling is the smallest of the 6-berth folding campers produced by Pennine.

The Pennine Sterling isn’t too much heavier than the Fiesta, despite the Sterling being a 6-berth folding camper. As one of the lighter 6-berth models, it’s an ideal entry point for inexperienced towers investing in their first folding camper.

Pennine Sterling Folding Camper Overview

The Sterling is a 6-berth folding camper. While this model is no longer produced by Pennine, it is still the ideal entry point for people looking to invest in their first folding camper. The base model Sterling has a small dining area, full kitchen, cold water system, and plenty of storage space. The model also has two permanently made-up beds, one at each end of the folding camper.

The Sterling is more ideally used as a spacious 4-berth folding camper. This is mainly because one double bed is made up from the 2 settees. This is fine most of the time, but the bed aligns directly with one of the fold out beds. This means that occupants of the fold out bed will have to climb over the occupants of the bed made up of the settees. As you can imagine, this can cause some embarrassing moments in the middle of the night. If you will need to make use of all 3 beds, you might be better off going for one of the larger models if comfort is an important consideration for you.

Pennine Pullman Folding Camper Weight

A Pennine Pullman folding camper. Image

The Pennine Pullman is a high spec 6-berth folding camper. The Pullman has an ex works weight of 675kg and a maximum weight of 900kg. This means that the Pullman is only slightly heavier than the Sterling, although the two models are well known to be very similar.

The Pullman is essentially an upgraded version of the Sterling. While the Sterling is an entry level 6-berth folding camper, the Pullman is generally considered high spec. If you are looking for a high spec folding camper for a great price, the Pullman is a great option.

Pennine Pullman Folding Camper Overview

The Pennine Pullman is a rather luxurious 6-berth folding camper. The Pullman is generally considered to be a high spec Sterling, as the differences between the two models are minimal. The Pullman has a three way refrigerator as well as hot water, which are the two biggest differences between a Sterling and a Pullman.

If you are happy with the size of the Sterling but you want something a little more luxurious, the Pullman really is the best option. While Pennine no longer makes new Pullmans, they’re available for a great price second-hand. The Pullman retains the benefit of being relatively lightweight while having a few extra features that set it apart from entry-level folding campers.

Pennine Pathfinder Folding Camper Weight

The 2020 Pennine Pathfinder folding camper. Image

The Pathfinder is the flagship 6-berth folding camper manufactured by Pennine Outdoor Leisure. The ex works weight of the Pathfinder is 820kg, whereas the maximum weight is 1,000kg. This makes the model the heaviest in the Pennine range by a long way, with the ex works weight over 100kg more than the Pullman.

The Pathfinder is the largest folding camper in the Pennine range. If you want the best folding camper that money can buy, the Pathfinder is certainly the best model to go for. This model is the most luxurious of Pennine’s range, as you might expect of the business’s flagship model.

Pennine Pathfinder Folding Camper Overview

The Pathfinder is the flagship model of Pennine’s range; it has been ever since its introduction in 1998. The Pathfinder has a lot of features that really set it apart from the vast majority of folding campers, namely its toilet compartment, hot water, and a full oven. The Pathfinder also has plenty of storage, a three way fridge and a large seating area.

If you want the finest folding camper that money can buy, the Pathfinder is the best option for you. The Pathfinder is perhaps the best model available on the UK market. However, while it is bigger than the other 6-berth Pennine folding campers, it suffers from the same problem of being a bit small for 6 people. If you use the awning, there is of course plenty of space. But the Pathfinder is best used as a large 4-berth folding camper with two permanently made up beds.

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