What is the Best Caravan Toilet Chemical?

When it comes to caravan toilet chemicals, you may hear the terms blue chemicals and pink chemicals quite often. But what is the difference between them both any why does the colour matter? And what is the difference between liquid and dry chemicals? It is important for all caravan owners to know the difference between these two types of chemicals and the purpose of them as these chemicals are vital for the preservation of your caravan toilets.

In this blog post I will discuss the different types of caravan toilet chemicals available that can help you to maintain your caravan toilet and the difference between liquid and dry chemicals. Whether you want to break down waste, kill bacteria or eliminate odours, there are plenty of chemicals available. I will be listing five of the best caravan toilet chemicals to help you choose the correct chemical for your toilet.

In this blog post, I will discuss the following:

What are caravan toilet chemical?

Caravan bathroom. Image from: istockphoto.com

Caravan toilet chemicals are simply chemicals that you need to put inside your caravan toilet in order to keep it fresh and clean, but also to maintain your toilet. The difference between caravan toilet chemicals and regular toilet cleaners is that caravan toilet cleaners are specially formulated to help the break down of waste which makes the disposal of waste a lot easier to handle. Since you don’t need to manually empty waste from you toilet at home, regular toilet cleaners don’t focus on the break down of waste, and instead focus on removing germs and leaving a fresh scent in your home.

Whether you get liquid or dry toilet chemicals for your caravan toilet, there are two different types of chemicals, blue and pink. Below is an explanation of the difference between these two colours and what they can be used for:

Blue caravan toilet chemical

The blue toilet chemical is often the most popular among caravan owners as it takes care of the biological breakdown of waste. It is used to ensure that all the waste is completely broken down and easier to dispose of. To use this caravan toilet chemical, it needs to be poured into your waste tank and works to keep bad smells and build-up of gas under control. All you have to do is pour it in your tank and let it do it’s magic.

Although the blue chemical is the most popular, some people prefer to use the lesser known green toilet chemical due to its environmentally friendly nature. The green chemical does the same job as the blue but contains chemicals that are not as harsh fro the environment.

Pink caravan toilet chemical

The pink toilet chemical is perfect for maintaining your bowl and making sure it smells good, and works with the flushing water. This one works just like the toilet cleaners at home and once poured, it coats the bowl with a protective layer that helps to prevent lime scale. It works to remove grime, odours and bacteria while keeping your caravan toilet fresh and clean.

Liquid vs dry chemicals

Different caravan toilet chemicals. Image from: primaleisure.com

As well as choosing between the blue and pink toilet chemicals, you also need to decide whether your toilet would need liquid or dry chemicals. Liquid chemicals come in the form of concentrated fluids and dry chemical come in the form of tabs or sachets.

Liquid Chemicals

Liquid toilet chemicals are know for offering both cleanliness and efficiency as they are the easier to put inside your toilet. Since it is similar to use as regular toilet cleaner you use at home, many people prefer this over the dry chemicals. Despite being newly introduced compared to the dry chemicals, they are are very quickly becoming a favourite in many caravans.

This popularity may also have something to do with the fact that they are generally more environmentally friendly as well. as previously mentioned, the green chemical is very similar to the blue one in terms of how it works, however due to less chemical usage it is more environmentally friendly. In addition to this, since liquid chemical are concentrated, less product needs to be used, meaning that it will be creating less plastic waste, and retailers can save fuel and air miles as they can now can ship more product in one load.

Dry Chemicals

You can also get dry pre-dosed tablets and sachets for you caravan toilets. An advantage that this chemical has over the liquid chemical is that you can save yourself a lot of space and weight in your caravan as dry chemicals come in small light and compact designs when compared t the 2L bottles of liquid cleaner.

These tabs and sachets are also great for people how make a mess when pouring liquid cleaners, or those people who never know how much cleaner they need to be pouring into the toilet as it comes in an easy pre-dosed tab or sachet, meaning no mess.

Five of the best caravan toilet chemicals

Different types of dry toilet chemicals. Image from: practicalmotorhome.com

There are many different types of caravan toilet chemical that are available on the market which have different advantages to them. Finding the best one for you can be a bit of a trial and error as there are so many available. Below I have listed five of the best and most popular caravan toilet chemicals so you can decide which is the best one for you.

Select the caravan toilet chemical you want to find out about to be taken to the relevant information:

Blue Dimond Toilet and Bowl Cleaner

The Blue Diamond Toilet and Bowl Cleaner. Image from: Amazom.co.uk
Caravan Toilet Chemical NameChemical TypePrice
Blue Diamond Toilet and Bowl CleanerPink and blue liquid chemical£13.50

Blue Diamond are a highly reputable manufacturer of sanitation and cleaning products. This is a 2L double pack, that features both a single two-litre bottle of concentrated Toilet Fluid with 24% formaldehyde and a two-litre bottle of concentrated pink bowl cleaner. These are great for maintaining a clean and hygienic toilet that make the task disliked yet necessary task as quick and simple as it can be.

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Elsan Blue Toilet Fluid

The Elsan Blue Toilet Fluid. Image from: Amazom.co.uk
Caravan Toilet Chemical NameChemical TypePrice
Elsan Blue Toilet FluidBlue liquid chemical£20.95

The Elsan Blue Toilet fluid is a very strong anti-bacterial solution that kills bacteria and germs. As well as cleaning any cassette toilets and chemical toilets, it ensures it doesn’t stain and also removes any bad odours that may be left behind when the waste has been cleaned out. This toilet chemical is the perfect solution for maintaining a clean and hygienic toilet in your caravan.

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Thetford Aqua Rinse Plus

The Thetford Aqua Rinse Plus. Image from: Amazom.co.uk
Caravan Toilet Chemical NameChemical TypePrice
Thetford Aqua Rinse PlusPink liquid chemical£16.99

For those who have a keen interest in caravan have most likely come across Thetford products in the past, as they have a very good reputation of producing high quality products that many caravan users love. This Thetford Aqua Rinse Plus is designed to ensure the flushing water remains clean and fresh. It works to form a protective layer that helps to prevent bacteria and dirt blockages, resulting in a much smoother flush.

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Elsan Blue Bags

The Elsan Blue Bags. Image from: Amazom.co.uk
Caravan Toilet Chemical NameChemical TypePrice
Elsan Blue BagsBlue dry chemical£14.10

Quite a lot of caravan users have expressed how impressed they have been with this product. The Elsan Blue Bags are a very convenient way to charge a cassette or chemical toilet. It comes in a pot with 18 water-soluble toilet sachets, that include 15 sachets (plus and extra 3 for free). Theses sachets work by dissolving into the water in the toilet tank. They don’t just kill bacteria but also remove any bad odours it comes into contact with, leaving a pleasant fragrance behind.

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Thetford Aqua Ken Blue Sachets

The Thetford Aqua Kem Blue Sachets. Image from: Amazom.co.uk
Caravan Toilet Chemical NameChemical TypePrice
Thetford Aqua Kem Blue SachetsBlue dry chemical£15.47

Cleaning can be a difficult task that not everyone enjoys, but luckily Thetford have had a passion for camping and travelling, no matter whether by caravan or motorhome. They have a range of products know as some of the most effective toilet additives. The Aqua Kem Blue sachets are pre-measured, water soluble toilet sachets that provide the right dose every time, with the concentrated powder liquefying solids in the waste holding tank. They also help to keep the tank smelling fresh, and reduce gas build up.

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When selecting which type of caravan toilet chemical to use, it comes down to your own personal choice. Some people prefer to have the convenience of dry tablets or sachets since they are much lighter than liquid bottles. However, other prefer to work with the liquid chemicals as they can control how much dosage they would like.

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