Xplore Caravan Weights (Updated For 2021)

It’s really important to know the weight of your caravan for numerous reasons. However, the information that you need is often hard to come by. That’s why I’ve written this blog post, to pull all the Xplore caravan weights into one place.

You must know the weight of your caravan for numerous reasons. The primary reason to find out the weight of your caravan is to make sure you can tow it on your license. Depending on when you gained your driving license, some caravan might be too heavy to tow legally. Furthermore, it’s crucial to find out whether your car is capable of towing the caravan you’re looking at. You can read more about figuring out which caravans you can tow in my blog post What Size Caravan Can I Tow?

I have included three important weight-related pieces of information for each caravan in this blog post: MiRO, MTPLM, and user payload. Briefly, here’s what each of these means:

  • MiRO: MiRO, or MRO, stands for Mass iRunning Order. The MiRO of your caravan is the weight of the caravan as it leaves the factory in its standard form. This number counts everything included as standard, such as all the appliances that the caravan comes equipped with.
  • MTPLM: MTPLM stands for Maximum Technically Permissable Laden Mass. The MTPLM is the maximum weight of your caravan including the user payload.
  • User payload: The user payload is the difference between the Mass in Running Order and the Maximum Technically Permissable Laden Mass of your caravan. It’s the maximum weight that can be added to your caravan, so it’s important to keep an eye on this one and ensure you don’t overload your caravan. Please note also that any extras you have added to your caravan will eat into the user payload and are not added into the MiRO figure.

To make your life easier, this blog post compiles the MiROs, MTPLMs, and total user payload for all of the following Xplore caravans (updated for 2021). Select your caravan from the list below to be taken to the weights for your tourer:

Xplore Caravan Weights (Updated For 2021)

This section of the blog post contains the weights of the Xplore range of caravans. The information included is each caravan’s MIRO (mass in running order), MTPLM (maximum technically permissible laden mass), and maximum user payload.

The Xplore range of caravans is part of the Erwin Hymer group, which Compass, Elddis, and Buccaneer are also part of. Xplore caravans are perhaps best known for being lightweight and a cost-effective entry point for people looking to purchase their first tourer.

All of the Xplore range of caravans boast a good specification despite the competitive price tag. Every single model in the Xplore line is super lightweight, with the heaviest being the Xplore 586 (MIRO: 1175kg, MTPLM: 1370kg). The vast majority of family cars are capable of towing these caravans. Furthermore, your licence shouldn’t restrict you from towing any of the Xplore line because they’re so light. You can read more about what size/weight caravan you can tow here: What Size Caravan Can I Tow?

As I briefly mentioned, the Xplore range of caravans offers a good spec for a relatively low price tag. Every Xplore caravan is competitively priced whilst outclassing a lot of the competition in numerous ways. The Xplore line of caravans is generally believed to offer the best value for money when compared with a lot of other competitively-priced caravan models.

Now I’ve covered all of that, here are the weights of each Xplore caravan and a bit more information about each model in the Xplore series.

Select your caravan below to be taken to the dimensions:

Xplore 304 caravan weight information

The Xplore 304 is the smallest and lightest of the Xplore line of caravans. The Xplore 304 is designed for 4 people but is perhaps best used by a couple who have occasional guests. Despite its diminutive body, a lot is packed into the Xplore 304 that makes it a great caravan option. Image: Elddis.co.uk
Xplore 304 WeightMROMTPLMUser Payload
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile layout
  • Large L-shaped lounge
  • Small washroom
  • Lightweight: Xplore is known for its diminutive, lightweight caravans. The Xplore 304 is actually the lightest of the Xplore series, with a MIRO of just 886kg and an MTPLM of 1043kg. This is one of the lightest 4 berth caravans that you can purchase, and the Xplore 304 can be towed by the vast majority of family cars.
  • Versatile layout: The layout of the Xplore 304 is quite versatile and well-considered, with the dinette at the rear converting into bunks as required. The dinette itself converts into a single and there is a drop-down bunk for whenever you need it. The Xplore 304 is perhaps best suited to couples that have the occasional guests, but the versatility of this layout is worth noting.
  • Large L-shaped lounge: The Xplore 304 features a large L-shaped lounge which can seat the 4 occupants of this caravan in comfort. This is a large seating space, particularly when you consider how small the body of this caravan is! The 304 is TARDIS-like, thanks to how effectively the space within the dimunitive body is used.

The only disadvantage worth noting about this caravan is the small washroom, which is really nothing to write home about. Cutbacks had to be made somewhere to pack so much into such a small shell; it’s the washroom that was badly affected here. However, if you’re only using caravan sites with facilities, is a small washroom really enough to put you off this tourer?

The L-shaped lounge at the front of the Xplore 304. As you can probably tell, there is more than enough room here for 4 to sit in comfort. If you really want to relax, two people can sit in the lounge whilst two others use the rear dinette. Image: Elddis.co.uk

Xplore 422 caravan weight information

The Xplore 422 is a 2 berth caravan. Not unlike the rest of the Xplore line of caravans, this is a diminutive tourer. However, the Xplore 422 feels remarkably spacious on the inside despite what the dimensions suggest! The manufacturer have managed to pack plenty into this caravan’s small body and the interior is modern and well-lit. Image: Elddis.co.uk
Xplore 422 WeightMROMTPLMUser Payload
  • Massive lounge
  • Washroom with separate shower
  • Lightweight
    • Massive lounge: The Xplore 422 has a massive lounge, particularly when you consider this caravan is designed for just 2 people! The lounge in the Xplore 422 is really spacious and very light thanks to the windows surrounding where you sit. The sofas that make up the lounge are large enough to be used as singles, although ideally, you would use the lounge as a massive double.
    • Washroom with separate shower: In most small 2 berth caravans, the washroom is often sacrificed to make more space for other things. The side washroom in this caravan is quite impressive as far as small caravan washroom goes. The washroom contains a toilet, full-lined shower unit, and plenty of storage.
    • Lightweight: The Xplore 422 is a super lightweight caravan, weighing just 959kg. The MTPLM of the unit is 1099kg. This is one of the lightest 2 berth caravans that you can purchase and it’s likely that most family cars can tow it with ease.

    Xplore 554 caravan weight information

    The Xplore 554 is a 4 berth caravan. The Xplore 554 is perhaps the most popular of the Xplore line, simply because of its layout. It is claimed on the manufacturer’s website that this layout is the most popular across all their caravans (Elddis, Compass, and Buccaneer). In the 554, you have the super popular layout in its lightest form, with an MTPLM of just 1325kg. Image: Elddis.co.uk
    Xplore 554 WeightMROMTPLMUser Payload
    • Well-equipped kitchen
    • Retractable double bed
    • Full-width end washroom
      • Well-equipped kitchen: In the Xplore 554, you will find a well-equipped kitchen. The kitchen contains a combination oven and grill, Dometic 110L fridge freezer, 3-burner gas hob, several storage cupboards, and LED downlights that add a touch of luxuriousness to the kitchen.
      • Retractable double bed: The Xplore 554 features a retractable double bed. The mattress of the 554 has a 3-way fold, enabling you to make a daybed. Ultimately this gives you more floor space, 40cm to be precise. A fixed double bed is a great feature, but one that retracts to give you more space is even better!
      • Full-width end washroom: The Xplore 554 contains a full-width end washroom with a vanity unit, plenty of storage, and a fully-lined shower unit. The washroom is one of the best features here considering the size and weight of the caravan. Washrooms are normally reduced in size to make room for everything else in a caravan, but the 554s washroom feels suitably capacious.

      Xplore 586 caravan weight information

      The Xplore 586 is a super lightweight 6 berth caravan. The Xplore 586 has an MTPLM of just 1370kg, so it’s one of the lightest 6 berth caravans that you can purchase. Despite its weight, it feels like very few compromises have been made to bring down the weight of the unit. It’s quite incredible in fact that the Xplore 586 weighs so little. Image: Elddis.co.uk
      Xplore 586 WeightMROMTPLMUser Payload
      • Versatile layout
      • Excellent kitchen
      • Great family caravan
      • Lightweight
      • Small washroom
      • Versatile layout: The layout of the Xplore 586 is super versatile. You have two fixed bunk beds at the rear, a side dinette that converts into a single bed or bunks, and a large lounge at the front that can be used as either two singles or a gargantuan double bed. The versatility of the layout means this is the ideal caravan for families.
      • Excellent kitchen: The Xplore 586 has an excellent kitchen, with worktop space in abundance and all the appliances you need to whip up some fantastic meals. The kitchen contains a combination oven and grill, Dometic 110L fridge freezer, plenty of storage, and hints of luxury such as LED downlights and polished chrome fittings.
      • Lightweight: The average weight of a 6 berth caravan is 1711kg, as I discovered when writing my blog post about average caravan weights (you can read that here). That makes this one of the lightest 6 berth caravans you can purchase, weighing just 1175kg with an MTPLM of 1370kg.

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