Conway Folding Camper Dimensions

Before purchasing my first folding camper, I was told how important it is to know the dimensions of your unit. You need to know them when booking a campsite, as the management will often ask you. Additionally, if you plan to store your folding camper somewhere other than your home, you’ll need to know its dimensions for the place you’re storing it. Because of this, I decided to create this blog post containing the dimensions of every popular Conway folding camper. 

Select your Conway model here and it’ll take you to the dimensions of your folding camper:

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Conway Challenger Dimensions

A 1993 Conway Challenger with sun canopy. Image

Conway Challenger Dimensions


The Conway Challenger is a 4-berth folding camper produced by Conway. When stored, a Challenger is 3.32m long, 1.52m wide and 1.12m tall. When erected, its 3.86m long and 2.10m wide. Please note than the Challenger has undergone revisions over the years and these specifications might not be entirely precise for all Challengers. If possible, check the brochure for dimensions to confirm.

The Challenger was Conway’s entry level folding camper. At the time of the Challenger’s original iteration, the entry level folding camper for Pennine was the Aztec. As such, the two models of folding camper were direct competitors at the time.

Conway Challenger Overview

For those looking to get into the world of folding campers, the Conway Challenger represents the perfect model. As an entry level folding camper, the Challenger has always been an affordable model and offers all the essentials someone new to folding campers needs. Challengers have a decent kitchen, with a two burner hob and grill. While they don’t have hot water, a fridge or a heater, those luxuries won’t matter if you’re upgrading from a tent.

As far as 4-berth folding campers go, the Conway Challenger is relatively spacious and offers plenty of storage. To make the most of a Challenger, however, the awning is a necessity. With the awning, you can double the space that you have. If 4 people are going to be stopping in the camper, all the extra space certainly won’t go amiss.

It’s also worth noting that despite the fact that the Challenger was produced for approximately 20 years, the layout and equipment never really changed. So it really comes down to choosing the model based on the colour scheme that you like the look of. The Challenger’s canvas changed colour countless times, ranging from marine blue and grey to saule green and siegle. Siegle is a shade of grey for those who don’t know; I don’t know why they didn’t just call is green and grey!

Conway Countryman Dimensions

Conway Countryman 2. Image

Conway Countryman Dimensions


The Conway Countryman is a 4-berth folding camper manufactured by Conway from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. When stored, the Countryman is 3.90m long, 1.54m wide and 1.26m tall. When erected, it’s 3.94m long and 2.80m wide.

Although Conway themselves did not produce the Countryman for long, the model is still produced to this day by Pennine. The dimensions above do not apply to the post-2003 Pennine-produced Countryman. For those dimensions, please refer to my Pennine Folding Camper Dimensions blog post.

Conway Countryman Overview

The Conway Countryman acted as the middle ground between the lower and higher specification Conway folding campers. It was a more cost-effective option compared to the Cruiser and Crusader for folding camper enthusiasts wanting a higher equipment level than the Challenger offered.

Conway Countryman folding campers are relatively well-equipped. They contain a good kitchen and have two permanently made up beds; this is another advantage over the Challenger, where there was only one permanently made-up bed. During its production run, the Countryman was a direct competitor to Pennine’s Fiesta. This is somewhat amusing when you consider the Pennine-produced Countryman is virtually identical to its Fiesta. The only difference between the two now is that the Fiesta has a toilet compartment whereas the Countryman does not.

Conway Cruiser Dimensions

2005 Conway Cruiser. Image

Conway Cruiser Dimensions


The Conway Cruiser is a 6-berth folding camper previously produced by Conway. Production of the Cruiser began in 1984, while Pennine continued to produce it until 2013. When stored, the Cruiser is 4.78m long, 2.12m wide and 1.39m tall. When erected, it’s 6m long and 2.10m wide. The figures given apply to the most recent Pennine-produced Cruisers. If you have one that was produced by Conway themselves, please refer to your model’s brochure for precise dimensions.

The Cruiser is one of the most popular folding camper models, even today when they’re no longer produced. The Cruiser was often seen as competition to the entry-level 6-berth folding campers by Pennine, such as the Sterling.

Conway Cruiser Overview

For people looking to purchase their first 6-berth folding camper, the Conway Cruiser has always been a good option. The equipment inside has always been of a good standard, gradually improving throughout its entire production run. The layout inside the Cruiser barely ever changed during its years produced by the original Conway company. However, the model underwent countless cosmetic changes.

The Cruiser is still a good option if you want a 6-berth folding camper but can’t afford to go for a larger model, such as the Crusader or a Pennine Pathfinder. If you’re upgrading from a tent, you really can’t go wrong with a Cruiser. The later models produced even have heating and hot water, features usually only found in the high-end folding campers.

Conway Crusader Dimensions

2005 Conway Crusader. Image

Conway Crusader Dimensions


The Conway Crusader is a 6-berth folding camper produced by Conway. When stored, the Crusader is 4.70m long, 2.10m wide and 1.22m tall. When erected, this model is 5.50m long and 2.02m wide.

The Crusader was slightly smaller than the Cruiser but contained arguably better equipment and facilities. For people wanting a more luxurious folding camper, the Crusader was the one to go for. This model was seen as direct competition to the Pathfinder, Pennine’s flagship model, during its initial run produced by the original Conway company.

Conway Crusader Overview

The original Conway company began producing the Crusader in 1998 as a slightly upgraded version of the Cruiser. The primary difference between the two was the inclusion of a toilet compartment in the Crusader. However, you could enjoy optional extras such as a proper oven in the Crusader, something that wasn’t an option in the Cruisers. In a Conway brochure, the tagline of the Crusader is “all the comforts of home”. This simple sentence demonstrates that the Crusader really is one of the best equipped folding campers ever produced by Conway.

The Crusader featured two permanently made up double beds, with a spacious seating area that could be converted into an additional bed. All Crusaders had a spacious seating area comfortable for the whole family. Of course, the space available can even be extended with the spacious awning that came as standard with most Crusaders.

Conway Cardinal Dimensions

Conway Cardinal. Image

Conway Cardinal Dimensions


The Conway Cardinal is a 6-berth folding camper produced by Conway from the late 1980s until 1998. The Cardinal Clubman, an upgraded version, was still produced until 2003. When stored, the Cardinal is 4.70m long, 2.10. wide and 1.25m tall. When erected, it is 5.50m long and 2.10m wide.

The Conway Cardinal is an interesting model. As you can see in the photograph, it’s a hard top model which isn’t something you see regularly. However, the Cardinal was a high-spec model, perhaps the best model ever produced by Conway.

Conway Cardinal Overview

In the promotion for the Cardinal Clubman, Conway described it as “the ultimate in folding campers” and it’s easy to see why. Firstly, the Cardinal was very easy to put up. The roof was elevated simply by winding a handle. There was very little physical work involved! It had a toilet compartment with a hand wash basin, as well as a wine rack! A Cardinal really is a home away from home.

The Cardinal featured plenty of storage. A regular folding camper complaint is lack of storage, so this was definitely welcome. The Cardinal Clubman also had valour upholstery, with matching accessories. While folding campers normally consider practicality and usefulness before anything else, appearance and comfort was also taken very seriously when designing the Cardinal. Even though Cardinals are no longer produced, second-hand units still offer comfort and style that no other Conway parallels.

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